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What People Asked About Transparent Bobo Balloons?

by Max

If you are a party lover then you must have transparent balloons or clear balloons. As the name indicates these balloons are made of that material through which you can clearly see. Because of this reason transparent bobo balloons are widely used and mostly stuffed to create a look more attractive and customized. There is a lot that you want to know about these balloons. Let’s find out what people are eager to know.

What You Want To Know About Transparent Bobo Balloons

Whether you are organizing a birthday party or it is Valentine’s Day, a transparent bobo balloon can be a great addition to decorative stuff. Following are some of the questions that are usually people asked about transparent bobo balloons:


Bobo balloons are varied in their sizes and how big they can get totally dependent on their capacity and size. On any online platform like Alibaba, you can get a variety of bobo balloons ranging from 5 inches to 36 inches big in size.

Time It Last Longer

If you are decorating your living room or the area where the balloons can remain for a while then you may want your bubble balloons to last longer. It is dependent upon the material from which they are made.

For instance, if you are using a bubble balloon made of latex that has good durability and extensibility then it will hold up to a lengthy event and also can be reused. Usually, balloons can keep up to 4 to 7 days.


One of the main questions that most people want to know is can the bobo balloon be inflated with normal air? Usually, they are only inflated by using helium gas, you will feel helium gas with pressure and that stretches the bobo balloon to form its beautiful round shape. But there are some bobo balloons that can be inflated with normal air but there is no guarantee how long they will keep it.

Tips To Make Them Last Longer

The tip to making bobo balloons last longer is the same as a general balloon. You have to tie them extremely tight so the gas does not release. It is also recommended to use helium gas to inflate the Bobo Balloons.

Bobo Balloons for Latex Allergens

If you have a latex allergy then you may want to know that are Bobo balloons made of latex. Most of the manufacturers confirm that bobo balloons are non-allergic and are made of stretchy plastic which you can see through without latex. Because of this reason they are totally safe for those people who are having latex allergies.

Ending Remarks

You must have seen clear balloons which are named transparent Bobo balloons or bubble balloons. They are available in different sizes and are made of plastic which you can see. Because of this reason they are mostly customizable and stuffed with different things. The given article describes some of the questions that people asked about these balloons.

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